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Goat tied up
USA Stadium, Tenn.
License Plate
Goat Days Pride
feeding baby goat
Petting Zoo, Windsor, Maine
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Welcome to my Photoblog, Schatz Shots!

The blog will be a mix of new and old photographs and the stories behind them. I have a lot of work from the past 12 years that I've never really done anything with, and I figured it's about time to get it out in the world.

Above this text you'll see the latest 3 entries to the weblog. Click on the thumbnails to view the photograph and caption. The ARCHIVES are located here. Photographs are organized by the month that they were posted and by category. The current categories are: 2 1/4, 35mm, Animals, B&W, Color, Digital, Dogs, Goats, Godfrey, Nature, NYC, Panorama, Prints, Travel, Zoos, ..

I'm now selling signed inkjet prints of some of the photographs on the site for $35 (plus shipping). You can pay via PayPal or send me a check or money order. All the information can be found on the Buy a Print page. The money will help fund The Year of the Goat project that my girlfriend Margaret and I are working on right now. For $50, we'll throw in a Year of the Goat t-shirt and donate 10% to help family farms in America! More Information

Please leave comments about the photographs that you like (and the ones that you don't). There's a link underneath the caption of each photo for comments. One of the coolest aspects of doing a photoblog is the ability to interact with people around the world and discuss photography... and that's one of the main reasons I'm doing this.

If you like the photoblog, please VOTE for my site on Photoblogs.org.

Also, please send me your thoughts about the blog itself. It's still very much a work in progress. This intial version was put together in May/June of 2003 using Movable Type. MT is very cool, but I'm still learning, and I'm sure there are ways I can make this blog better and more user-friendly. You can email me at karl@karlschatz.com

Look forward to hearing from you...



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