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April 17, 2005 | Announcing American Goat
American Goat
The weed eating goats of Ewe4ic Ecological Services in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This is just one of the many wonderful photographs that is part of the American Goat exhibit. more photos

American Goat       Farms in Focus

We are very excited to announce the creation of the traveling educational photographic exhibit, American Goat: A photographic journey through America's growing goat industry. This exhibit is the culmination of over a year and a half of photographing and researching the goat industry in America. We hope that it will be a powerful tool for educating people about the changing and expanding role of goats in American agriculture today. To that end we are founding a new non-profit organization called Farms in Focus: Cultivating Awareness of Sustainable Agriculture Through the Arts. Farms in Focus will act as an umbrella organization for the exhibit and will oversee all fundraising efforts. As a non-profit entity, Farms in Focus will be able to receive grants and tax-deductible donations. We hope to raise enough funds to subsidize the travel of the exhibit all over the country.

We need your help! First, we need help identifying venues around the country that would be interested in bringing the American Goat exhibit to their town or community. If you know of a gallery, library or other public space that might be good place for the exhibit, send us an email at We would love to hear from you. We also need to start collecting examples of goat products from around the country, such as goat cheese labels, to travel with the exhibit. Visit for more information about how you can help.

At this time we have a show lined up for June 2005 in Portland, Maine, and we are talking with institutions in Boston and upstate New York about hosting the show. Stay tuned to for updates of new venues and information about the exhibit.

We look forward to bringing the exhibit to a venue near you!

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