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08.19.2009 | Come Visit Us on Ten Apple Farm (.com)
We've got a new site for our farm and new book: : Living With Goats

MAY 2008

05.04.2008 | Bebe meets the goats
Baby Bea meets the goats

05.15.2008 | A kid is born!
Flyrod gives us our first (goat) kid born on the farm

05.17.2008 | Let the milking begin!
Margaret milks Flyrod on the newest addition to the barn, Karl's homemade milkstand....

05.21.2008 | Duck, Duck, Duck, DUCK!
The baby animals keep coming with the arrival of 10 rouen ducklings

05.22.2008 | Say Cheese...
Our first foray into cheesemaking

05.23.2008 | Oh Boy, Oh Boy
Chansonetta kids - alas, another boy

APRIL 2008

04.29.2008 | Welcome Beatrice Amelia!
Margaret kids again! It's a girl: Beatrice Amelia Hathaway Schatz

MARCH 2008

03.20.2008 | Snuppy Remembered
We remember Snuppy, our beloved cat, mouser, friend, and family member who passed today, sadly, suddenly and unexpetedly


01.01.2008 | Snowshoeing with Goats
Snowshoeing with goats!


12.12.2007 | Mira the Hanukkah Miracle Chicken
A Hanukkah Miracle brings the latest addition to our chicken yard

12.21.2007 | Goats in the Snow
The goats explore the season's first big snowfall

12.24.2007 | Merry Christmas!
A delicious yule log to celebrate Christmas


11.08.2007 | Goatstravaganza NYC!
See pictures from our Goatstravaganza NYC event!


10.15.2007 | Packed and Heading West
Info about our Colorado stops


09.06.2007 | YOTG in NYC - Thursday Sept. 6
A reading and book signing in Park Slope, and guests on Martha Stewart Living Radio!

09.24.2007 | YOTG in Brunswick, Maine - Oct. 2
We will be having a book reading, film screening, book signing & cheese tasting at Frontier Cinema & Cafe in Brunswick, Maine, Oct. 2 6:30-8pm

09.26.2007 | Boston Globe Goes For Goats
A very nice article about us, our travels, the book, the farm, the goats, Godfrey, and of course, Charlotte


08.06.2007 | The Book Has Arrived!!
The book is here! The book is here! The book is here!

08.23.2007 | Goatstravaganza!!
Rabelais Books was packed as Portland foodies and goat lovers turned out in full force for the Goatstravaganza book release party of The Year of the Goat: 40,000 Miles and the Quest for the Perfect Cheese.

JULY 2007

07.15.2007 | When Radishes Grow Out of Control
Some crazy looking radishes left too long in the garden

07.30.2007 | Escalating Escarole
Our favorite use so far for an abundance of escarole

07.30.2007 | The Return of the Radish
A sandwich idea fresh from the garden

JUNE 2007

06.02.2007 | YOTG at BEA
In our first round of book publicity, Margaret signs advance galleys at the Book Expo America in NYC.

06.17.2007 | Make Way for Ducklings
The newest addition to the farm: Six Khaki Campbell ducks

MAY 2007

05.21.2007 | The Kids Ain't Coming
Flyrod and Chansonetta go well past their due dates. No kids this year.

05.23.2007 | Our Farm has a Name!
Welcome to Ten Apple Farm!

APRIL 2007

04.15.2007 | What's the Buzz?
Beekeeper Margaret sets up our two new beehives

04.21.2007 | Birds in the Backhouse
We get our next round of birds... and start them once again in the house.


12.09.2006 | Goat, You'll be a Woman Soon
We take Flyrod to Chateau Briant Farm in Saco, Maine to be bred


10.31.2006 | Happy Halloween!
Charlotte (and Margaret) dressed up as, what else? Goats!


09.20.2006 | Our First Egg!
Is there anything more pleasant than a soft boiled egg in the morning? I don't think so.


08.01.2006 | The Goats are Growing (horns)
Our little babies are growing up! Look at those horns!

08.30.2006 | The Garden Produces Produce
Come enjoy the bounty of our garden (in photos)

JULY 2006

07.20.2006 | New Potatoes
We harvest the first bounty from our garden... a handful of new red potatoes... and they are good.

JUNE 2006

06.25.2006 | A Kid of Our Very Own
We welcome Charlotte Elizabeth Hathaway Schatz into the world

MAY 2006

05.03.2006 | American Goat Exhibit at Tufts University
The American Goat Exhibit opens at Tufts University with a cheese tasting event sponsored by Slow Food Boston

APRIL 2006

04.01.2006 | Chickens? Check!
We get our chickens, or should we say, chicks - a little smaller than we were expecting.

04.07.2006 | Goats Go Outside
The goats go outside and take to the air

MARCH 2006

03.31.2006 | We Get Our Goats!
After much anticipation, we finally get some goats of our own!


02.22.2006 | A New Farm, New Cat, and Kid(s) on the Way
The dream that began when we departed New York City on our great goat adventure almost three years ago is almost complete!

APRIL 2005

04.17.2005 | Announcing American Goat
We are excited to announce the establishment of the American Goat traveling photography exhibit and Farms in Focus a new non-profit raising awareness of sustainable agriculture through the arts.


12.16.2004 | Got to Have Goat Love
Be the first on your block to have the DVD every goat lover is bleating for this holiday season.


08.08.2004 | Just Goat Married!
Margaret and Karl get married at a working farm in Maine with goats!

JUNE 2004

06.21.2004 | On the Air Again
In New York City we introduce Radio Host Dean Olsher and producer Amanda Aronczyk to the goats of the Bronx

MAY 2004

05.28.2004 | Return to the Radio
News about our radio appearances as well as an update on where we've been and where we'll be

MARCH 2004

03.01.2004 | Solomon's Wisdom: Eat and Drink Well
In Chicago, Sofia Solomon, one of the country's most respected purveyors of cheese, give us shelter from the storm, champagne, and a lesson in cheese handling

03.02.2004 | A New Life at Antiquity Oaks
In Cornell, Illinois, the Boehle family shows us that homesteading plus homeschooling can add up to great things

03.16.2004 | Finding a Family in a Haystack
At Haystack Mountain Dairy in Niwot, Colorado, we survive the arrival of dozens of (human) kids long enough to sit down and enjoy a quiet talk with owner Jim Schott

03.17.2004 | The Kids are All Right
In Delta, Colorado, we meet LaVerne Charles and some of the friendliest marshmallow-loving goats around

03.20.2004 | Goats on a Wire
In Cameron, Arizona, under power lines that look like giant metal goats, we meet a Navajo goatherd

03.22.2004 | Dark Days in Phoenix
In Gilbert, Arizona, the timing belt on the goat mobile breaks, and we get held over in heat, waiting for repairs

03.23.2004 | The Curse of the Billy Goat, Part Two
In Mesa, Arizona, at Chicago Cubs spring training we ask fans about what they think about goats and the Curse

03.25.2004 | Feed Two Goats and Call Me In the Morning
In Casa Granda, Arizona, we meet Leslie Wootten and Jerry Baldwin, who can attest to the power of goat therapy

03.27.2004 | Milking Lesson in the Matrix
In Gallup, New Mexico, at the ominously named, but actually very friendly Matrix Compound, we get our first milking lesson


02.02.2004 | Clay Henry III, Goat Mayor of Lajitas
In Lajitas, Texas, we share a beer with the mayor, Clay Henry III, and get the whole story behind the attack on his man(goat)hood

02.25.2004 | Capriole's Captivating Cheeses
We drove over 750 miles to Capriole Farms in Greenville, Indiana to try their aged goat cheeses. Was it worth it? You bet.

02.27.2004 | The Curse of the Billy Goat
In Chicago, Illinois, we visit the Billy Goat Tavern and investigate the curse that has kept the Cubs out of the World Series since 1945


01.14.2004 | These Goats are OK!
In Langston, Oklahoma, at one of the premiere goat research insititutes in the United States, we find further evidence of the multi-culturalism of the goat

01.20.2004 | Wichita Zoobilation
At the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, we learn about endangered livestock and get a painting by our favorite pig

01.24.2004 | Dripping Wet in Dripping Springs
In Dripping Springs, Texas, we sample some of the Lone Star State's cheese culture at Pure Luck Farm and Dairy

01.26.2004 | Goats at a Junction
In Junction, Texas we get our first glimpse of goats as large scale commercial livestock

01.27.2004 | Turkish Trials & Tribulations in Texas
In San Angelo, Texas, we visit the largest goat and sheep auction in America, and meet two Turkish Muslims from New York trying to get their goats

01.28.2004 | Homesteader's Hero
In San Angelo, Texas, in the offices of Homesteader's Connection, we find goat superheroes and reveal the not-so-secret identity of their creator

01.28.2004 | A Slaughter House Tour
In San Angelo, our tour of the Ranchers' Lamb of Texas slaughter house, answers the question, "Can a vegetarian love a carnivore?"

01.29.2004 | Shear Excitement in Sonora
In Sonora, Texas, we visit the largest mohair warehouse in the United States, and witness the shearing of a Texas-sized herd of angora goats

01.30.2004 | A Day with the President
In Sonora we get treated to some real Texas hospitality by the president of the American Meat Goat Association, Marvin Shurley


12.01.2003 | Goats Galore
In Loxahatchee, Florida, 20 miles from West Palm Beach, we find goats happily munching on palm trees

12.06.2003 | A Day at the Circus
In Tampa, Florida, our visit to Ringling Bros. circus answers the question, "Can a goat really balance on a ball?"

12.07.2003 | The Lord Giveth, The Lord Taketh Away
In Center Hill, Florida, we bear witness to the cycle of life and death at Kevuda Haven Ranch

12.08.2003 | How Devonshire Deals with CAE
In Archer, Florida, one woman maintains a decade of genetics while managing Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis

12.12.2003 | Auburn's 3 "R"s: Ruminant Reproduction Research
At Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, we get a tour of the new state-of-the-art vet hospital and meet two doctors dedicated to goat reproduction

12.13.2003 | Another Day at the Auction
In Brundidge, Alabama, we make an unplanned stop at a weekly goat auction and discover the Alabama-Miami goat connection

12.17.2003 | Unique Partnership Creates Creole Cheese
In Jackson, Louisiana, we talk with nationally reknowned Chef John Folse about his new Creole cheeses, his partnership with goat farmer Cindi McDonald, and his private audience with the Pope


11.01.2003 | Goats Take Nashville: Spotlight Sale
Our report and photographs from the last day of the American Dairy Goat Association's National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee

11.03.2003 | Get Your Mountain Vittles Here
In Jamestown, Tennessee, we visit our first Kiko ranch and goat jerky operation

11.08.2003 | Mrs. Sandburg's Goats
In Flat Rock, North Carolina, in Carl Sandburg's shadow, we meet the descendants of an award-winning herd, and Godfrey meets his first goat

11.09.2003 | Split Creek Farm: The Tour
In Anderson, South Carolina, we visit Split Creek Farm, and get to snoop around the farm with a touring group of goat farmers

11.10.2003 | Split Creek Farm: Time For Milking
In Anderson, South Carolina, we view our first commercial dairy, and get a taste of the wonderful cheese and life at Split Creek Farm


10.02.2003 | The Goat Superintendent
Our interview with Paul Hopkins, Goat Superintendent for the Fryeburg Fair, Maine's largest agricultural fair

10.03.2003 | Friends' Folly Farm
An angora goat farm fills a niche for Maine's small fiber farmers

10.07.2003 | Springtide Farm
We went to find out about cashmere goats; in addition, we got a philosophy on raising and slaughtering animals

10.11.2003 | A Day At The Auction
Our visit to a goat and sheep auction becomes a lesson in Halal slaughter

10.20.2003 | Happy Halloween!
Karl & Margaret turn a pumpkin into a goat

10.29.2003 | Goats Take Nashville: Day 1
Photographs from our first day at the American Dairy Goat Association's National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee

10.30.2003 | Goats Take Nashville: Day 2
Photographs from our second day at the American Dairy Goat Association's National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee

10.31.2003 | Goats Take Nashville: Day 3
Photographs and video from our third day at the American Dairy Goat Association's National Convention in Nashville, Tennessee


09.01.2003 | Margaret's Birthday
Get the recipe for delicious goat carrot birthday cake

09.06.2003 | The Litchfield Fair
Margaret holds her first baby goat

09.11.2003 | On the Road: 9/11
9/11 remembered at Long John Silver's off I-78

09.12.2003 | International Goat Days Festival: Day One
We arrive in Millington, TN to find goats dressed as cows, dinosaurs, and WWII pilots

09.13.2003 | International Goat Days Festival: Day Two
Chariot races, champion Boers, and our first taste of goat

09.14.2003 | International Goat Days Festival: Day Three
Goat Days wrap up: Was it worth the 3230.8 mile drive?

09.21.2003 | The Common Ground Fair
Karl and Margaret hit the organic goat jackpot in Unity, Maine

09.25.2003 | Frozen Goat Surprise
Searching for farmer's cheese Karl stumbles across a treasure trove of goat meat


08.20.2003 | Skyland Farms
Our first visit to an actual goat farm. Plus: The nursing goat video

08.21.2003 | The Cheese Master
Maître Fromager Max McCalman fights for cheese in NYC

08.28.2003 | The Move From Hell
A lost wallet, pessimistic movers, and a murderous Uhaul

08.31.2003 | The Windsor Fair
Photos of baby animals: Goats, pigs, and chickens

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