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Thank You!

We'd like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, all of the following people and organizations for their generous support during our year on the road.

Corporate Sponsors
Billy Goat Gruff
  Wind River Pack Goats
  American Meat Goat Association

Billy's Bakery
Billy's Bakery
New York, NY


Grand Champion Sponsors
Ruth Calahan, Kailua-Kona, HI
Karyl Dronen, Grandy, MN
Jeanine Hathaway, Wichita, KS
Diana Kitch, Wichita, KS
Earl & Marge Kitchen, Wood & Stream Creations, Grandy, MN
Teresa Morris, Wichita, KS
Bernadette & Jeff Payne, Chicago, IL
Bruce & Nancy Schatz, Manchester, ME
Eric & Jessica Schatz, New York, NY
Stanley & Sherrie Schatz, Portland, ME
Irene & Eric Seff, Mamaroneck, NY
Wendy Pieh, Springtide Farm, Bremen, ME
Kathi Wall, Augusta Edge, Augusta, ME
Teri Wilder, Kansas City, MO
Alexander Zihlavski, Torrance, CA

Reserve Champion Sponsors
Samantha Baker, Buxton, ME
Jamie Aven, Seguin, TX
Chad Coleman, NY, NY
Linda Cortright, Wild Fibers Magazine, Rockland, ME
Greg Freeman, DeSoto, KS
Laura King, Double K Ranch, Helena, MT
Matt Shapo, Los Angeles, CA
Nebraska Dairy Goat Association
David Sinclair, Bath, ME

Kid Level Sponsors
Raquel Almeida, Boston, MA
Sara & Denny Bolton, Pure Luck Farm, Dripping Springs, TX
Kristina Bozzo-Baldenegro, Sweet Dreams Alpines, Plymouth, CA
Bridget Brier, Brooklyn, NY
Theresa Brown, Cary, NC
Adrienne Buchholz, Chicago, IL
Don Carr, Eagle Pass, TX
Marc Cryan, Maynard, MA
Jackie Emrick, San Angelo, TX
Evin Evans, Split Creek Farm, Anderson, SC
Kathleen Emery, McEwen, TN
Karyn Hamilton, Helena, MT
Jessica Johnson, Wallingford, CT
Monica Kaplewski, Flornce, WI
Jamie Kiffel, West Nyack, NY
Rachel Kreiss, Long Island, NY
Sandy Larocque, Manitoba, Canada
Charlene LeMaster, Sandia Park, NM
Donna Lockridge, Edgewood, NM
Scott Meserve, NY, NY
Cheryle Moore-Smith, Old Mountain Farm, Cape Neddick, ME
Vincent J. Musi, Washington, DC
Pogo & Marsha, Friends' Folly Farm, Monmouth, ME
Hillary Raskin, NY, NY
Katherine Ronberg, San Francisco, CA
Nancy Schmid, Cape Neddick, ME
Karen Smith, Cedar Hill, TN
Wyl Smith, Old Mountain Farm, Cape Neddick, ME
Barb Trego, Helena, MT

Our Book is Here!

The Year of the Goat

The Year of the Goat: 40,000 Miles and the Quest for the Perfect Cheese
The Lyons Press, Aug 2007
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YotG on
Public Radio!

In 2004 we made 4 appearances on the now sadly off the air, but then nationally syndicated PRI show, The Next Big Thing
Fortunately you can hear the shows in their archives:
1st show | 2nd show | 3rd show | 4th show

Miles Traveled: 41409
Next Stop: A farm of our own