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May 15, 2008 | A kid is born!
A kid is born
There's a new kid in the barn! Our first goat kid, we just call him 'the kid' for now.
Up until the day it happened we really weren't 100% sure that either of our does were actually pregnant. Flyrod just didn't look big enough, and Chansonetta was big, for sure, but then, being half Boer, she's a big girl to begin with. Flyrod's due date came and went, but then this morning, I get a call from Margaret at my office, saying, "Flyrod's in labor, get home quick!" I drive home as fast as I safely can, with intermittent calls from Margaret in the barn giving me a play by play: "she's pushing!", "there's something coming out!", "I can see the head!" and then finally when I'm about 5 minutes from the house, "It's out!" Flyrod's kid, turned out to be a boy weighing 9 lbs, 1oz. We're holding off naming to make sure he makes it, because to be honest, we're not sure what we're going to do with another boy goat. Joshua and Percival, our 2 wethers, are enough for now. For more pictures of the new goat see below.
A kid is born
Flyrod being a good mama cleans off her baby
A kid is born
Midwife Margaret and assistant Charlotte oversaw the delivery.
-A kid is born
Charlotte watches from above.
-A kid is born
Cutting the cord - cutting and disinfecting the abilical cord.
-A kid is born
First steps
A kid is born
A kid is born
The kid explores in the house, sneaking under Godfrey's legs.
A kid is born
Charlotte reads 'the kid' a story.

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